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Welcome to the Benevolence Health Centers (BHC) website.

At all our facilities, we believe that each patient should receive the highest quality care and be treated with the dignity and respect they deserve. To achieve that, our doctors, nurses, allied health professionals, and support personnel work together with one common goal, - to improve the quality of life for our patients.

Over the years, we are always grateful for the many advancements in medical care, but there is one that we stress that it remains the same - caring and compassion for each patient and family. This has been at the core of all our activities and initiatives.
At BHC, we remain committed to using our resources to improve the health and well-being of our community. That is because many of our staff members do not just work at our clinic, they live in the neighborhoods that we serve.

We appreciate the trust you have placed in us. Our web site has important information about the services we offer. If you have any questions about any of them, please contact us for assistance.
Thank you for choosing Benevolence Health Centers, or BHC as many families in Southern California know us by. We look forward to providing extraordinary service to you and your family.

Mr. Kwabena Obeng
Chief Executive Officer