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Through partnerships with some of the State’s major private and public health insurance groups, we are able to offer patients the convenience of “one-stop” primary care for all members of the family.  
We currently operate 10 clinics throughout the greater Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Orange County areas. Our services include primary care (general medicine, HIV/AIDS care, podiatry, chiropractic treatment, geriatrics, women’s health, family planning and pediatrics), mental health services, dental services, optometry services, and pharmacy services.  

We pay particular attention to services for women because we understand that if women receive health services, the whole family is more apt to also receive the preventive and curative care they need. Our clinics also provide assistance with enrolling in low-cost or no-cost insurance programs such as Healthy Families, Healthy Kids, Medi-Cal and other government-funded programs. 

PCMH (Patient-Centered Medical Home)

Benevolence Health Center, at its Crenshaw, Pico and Imperial offices, has been awarded recognition by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) Patient-Centered Medical Home Program. In addition to the above-mentioned offices, Benevolence Health Center is currently in the process of having its Anaheim, Orange, Atlantic, and Compton offices, recognized by the NCQA.

The NCQA Patient-Centered Medical Home standards emphasize the use of systematic, patient-centered, coordinated care that supports access, communication and patient involvement. This Recognition shows that Benevolence Health Center has the tools, systems, and resources to provide patients with high-quality care. Benevolence Health Center is among one of the health centers in Los Angeles that have received this outstanding recognition. Our patients will benefit by:
  • Staying Healthy: Patients who are treated in PCMHs are able to receive preventive services and screenings because of the focus on prevention, helping them stay healthy;
  • Receiving Better Communication: Communication with patients and their families/caregivers is a core concept of the PCMH model, which also emphasizes enhanced patient access to clinical advice and medical records via patient portal; and
  • Receiving better management of chronic conditions.

Our Role as a PCMH is to:
  • listen to patients’ questions and concerns;
  • provide clear information and assistance; and
  • provide resource information to assist in improving your health.
  Your Responsibilities within a PCMH are to:
  • tell us what is important to you about your health care needs;
  • tell us when you see another provider outside of our office;
  • update your provider on medications you are using; and
  • understand your treatment and health goals.